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July 3, 2019

Preventing California Wildfires-An Analysis

The folks in California have had to deal with many threats to civilization for instance; Earthquakes and Giant Wildfires. The verdict is still out on how to deal with Earthquakes, someday we may figure it all out, but let’s discuss wildfires for a moment. You see, many in the Interagency Mutual Assistance leadership hierarchy believe we need a comprehensive solution.Do you want to learn more? view here

Image result for preventing California wildfires with power outagesIndeed, I am too under the belief that it must be a “big picture” comprehensive solution. Not just with removing dried brush and fuel near structures, and a reality check on the fire-triangle, but also one on the awareness issues and the “crime triangle” too.Having been a glider pilot, and a long-distance bicyclist and a long-distance runner often in the mountain trails, it seems we are quite wise to study wind-flows, topography, along with employing “mind hunters” (book by John Douglas, also wrote obsession) to look at criminal intent.

Prevention should be a huge component, along with a good plan for open space, forests, taking into consideration previous seasonal rain falls, El Nino, La Nina and vegetation growth. Also afterwards, the flooding issues. It’s all doable; UAVs are a great tool and technology for all these things too. Today, we use NASA satellites to find infrared hot spots, and UAVs from the air to help us map out the wildfires.With the help of all this technology, and some wise choices we can mitigate most of the real dangers, while still allowing nature her normal cycles, natural fires, lightning, etc. So, we work on prevention, awareness, weed abatement barriers, fire roads, and anti-arsonist preemption. Then we work on “Fast Response” strategies, agility of mutual assistance, removal of politics, Satellite instantaneous infrared detection, and super computer predictions.

Related imageAerial fire-fighting is not always the best component, as aircraft cannot carry much payload, and some smaller fires need to burn out old underbrush anyway for health future forests, but the air assets are indeed often the only way to get to, or knock down some components of larger fires, hard to get at locations, to save lives or property.

Although they have not in the past done as much as most people think they are capable of, they are one component that is needed. Cost is another huge issue, aircraft are expensive to own, operate, and it has always been a risky business. We must face reality, and either get better technology or consider alternative solutions. Meanwhile we need a more comprehensive strategy to fight Wildfires. Please consider all this.

Wedding And Engagement Ring Insurance Tips

Couples do many things before they can walk down the aisle to say their vows before God, friends and relatives. Prenups, prenupts, or prenuptials are some form of legal agreements that couples that plan to get married should agree to. Most countries, including the US, Canada, Netherlands, Italy and Germany do these premarital agreements. They prepare couples for the events that would arise in their marriages and cause them to split, such as divorce. Buying engagement ring insurance is also an act that occurs before the the full post

The insurance has nothing to do with property division, property protection after bankruptcy or even divorce. It is all about protecting the valuable rings that a couple exchanges during the nuptials. Most couples value what their ring symbolizes and would do anything to keep it forever. In addition, a few choose valuable rings made of precious metals like platinum, gold, sterling silver, brass and so on.

Others concentrate more on the ring’s embellishing stones such as diamonds, turquoise, ruby, quartz, and so on. An expensive band is susceptible to many risks, including loss through theft or misplacement. A ring band could chip or bend and thus lower its quality and value. Its precious or semi-precious stones could become loose fitting. With time, those stones can easily detach themselves from the band and make it ugly. To keep your jewelry safe, you should buy engagement ring insurance.

This form of insurance protects your accessory against damage and loss. If you lose your ring and you have insurance for it, you would get another piece that looks the same. The excitement associated with honeymoons can make you lose your finger-ring, perhaps when swimming. Whether you lose all or part of it, the wedding chime is replaceable. Costs of buying this insurance vary from one company to another. Some of them set their rates according to the financial worth of the accessory.

Although there are other trendy choices, many people still prefer diamonds. The engagement ring insurance for this kind of accessory is usually hefty. Diamonds, especially pure diamonds are very valuable and costly. However, colored diamonds and semi-precious stone rings’ insurance is slightly cheaper. For people who have jewelry rider insurance, it would be somehow easier to request for an additional cover of their precious engagement band.

Those who do not have this form of policy can simply buy a brand new style. Generally, companies ask for 1 or 2 percent of every $100 you would have to pay in person in case you lost your precious jewelry. As mentioned earlier, the rates are different and all you have to do is to evaluate. Read the blueprint before signing any papers. By doing this, you would understand how each company works and if it has any hidden charges.

Money Saving Moving Tips

Moving from one place to another especially with entire household belongings is not only stressful and time consuming but also can be expensive business. It can hurt your pocket or even break your bank account. You will have to pay money for hiring professional moving service and buying required packing & moving supplies. If you are one of those people who are on a limited budget then you might consider find out some ways to make move affordable and save money. Here are some money-saving moving tips which can make your move affordable.full article



Think how much you want to spend on your move. Think do you capable to afford high cost of full moving service. Prepare a proper budget and stick to it. Create a moving checklist and use it.

Make an inventory of items you want to transfer to your new home. Make another inventory for items you do not want to transfer to your new home. Get rid of junk items. Arrange a garage sale of items or old belongings that are not needed to transfer to your place. This will help you reduce belongings, earn some money and cut down a significant amount of moving cost. Reducing items is a good way to save money.

Are you ready and capable to pack belongings yourself? If yes then purchase required packing supplies and moving boxes well in advance. Shop around for getting packing materials at cheap price. You can use old newspapers and towels to provide cushion to items rather than purchasing expensive wrapping sheets and bubble wraps. Purchase bubble wraps and wrapping sheets only for special items or fragile items. You can get moving boxes at free of cost or a small rate from local grocery store and chemist. But make sure boxes you will get are sturdy and strong. Do not compromise with quality of packing supplies and moving boxes. If need, learn packing tips to pack things correctly.

Do not make hasty selection of a moving company. Get moving estimates from various professional packers and movers in your city. Get recommendations from your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors. Compare and evaluate multiple moving quotes. This will help you choose the right moving company at affordable cost. Make sure the company you hire is not only affordable but also insured, experienced, reputable, registered and more importantly reliable.