Apply social security card for child

A Social Security number (SSN) can be the nine most important digits in person’s life. Individuals will use this number for many types of activities, including getting a job, opening a bank account, and getting government benefits. Getting an SSN and Social Security card is not a difficult process, but parents of newborn kids need to take care of it as soon as possible in order to claim their children as dependents on their tax returns and make sure they are set up to get a job and receive benefits later in life.¬†You may find more information at social security card for child.

A Social Security card is free and you should contact the Social Security Office of the Inspector General if anyone tries to charge you for these services. You can apply for a card and number for your newborn baby at the same time you get a birth certificate.

How to Apply for an SSN

The easiest way to apply for an SSN is to do so right when your child is born at the hospital. This method is the most popular because the hospital does all the work for you. Of course, the parents can also handle the application process themselves by submitting the following:

-Form SS-5 (Application for card)

-Proof of the child’s age, US citizenship status and proof of identity

-Proof of the parents’ identities

If your child is 12 years-old or older, he or she must appear for an interview even with a parent or guardian’s signature. If you adopt a child, a number can be assigned before the adoption is complete but it is recommended to wait until afterward in order to use the child’s new name.