Clean Teeth Regularly- Visit Dentists

Why clean teeth: After eating something, don’t clean your teeth. After the food residue is mixed with saliva in the mouth, it will accumulate around the gums and gradually form plaque. After a long time, it will become calculus. After a long time, the gums will shrink, bleeding during brushing, and gingivitis often occurs, causing the formation of periodontal disease. Do not remove early, or remove it when it is severe. The final result is that the teeth are shaking and falling off. Can’t eat, can only do full dentures or implants.

It is easy to accumulate soft dirt near the gums, attach plaque, and not clean up in time. The plaque will combine with calcium and phosphorus ions in saliva, and calcification into calculus in 24-48 hours. Plaque, stones can cause inflammation of the periodontal, causing bleeding, redness or atrophy of the gums; root exposure; alveolar bone resorption; loose teeth, displacement, and even shedding. In order to reduce the growth of calculus, our daily care is especially important. In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day, you should use floss to clean the gap that the toothbrush does not brush after brushing your teeth every night.Visit the site:dentists from

In addition to daily personal care, you should also clean your teeth for half a year. If the calculus has not formed or is not enough to endanger the health of the gums and alveolar bone, clean it up and find other problems in the mouth. A healthy oral environment to prevent problems before they happen. Oral care is good and you can maintain healthy teeth for life.