Common Misconceptions in online marketing

The biggest mistakes and misconceptions as committed by many of the small as well as big firms while they run social media marketing or online marketing campaigns to increase awareness of their brand may lead towards hampering your businesses. A road-map with some step-by-step instructions for specific things, combined with lots of hands-on and real-time participation in various kinds of online media channels can bring sure-shot outcomes. Here are some of the common mistakes that companies often commit while running Internet Marketing Campaigns:

a) Discrepant brand identities: Due to mis-communication or absence of communication at all, between the different departments in large companies, the end users hardly get the information they are looking for. This fragment your company’s as well as your target audience.¬†Click this link here now :¬†what are the most common misconceptions with online marketing


b) Fails to engage: You should respond back via social media to your fans/customers positively, reply back to their responses and reactions, comment on their blog postings; just to know about their expectations and their view point about your brand and their basic requirements.

c) Resolve campaigns: Traditional marketing has definite plans i.e. preset budget, with a well set beginning, and a set end too. But social media should be an ongoing process that never ends. You may use campaigns within your social media program.

d) Fails to appreciate fans: Instead of reaching out existing fans of your brand, you look around for more fans. It would be better to appreciate the existing ones who can bring in even more automatically. Also look for the fans where you feel them to exist with higher probability.

e) Attempts to control the conversation: Companies should not fear for negative impressions in the market. If negative is being already talked about without your involvement, respond accordingly to those conversations. Do not overlook or run away to respond them.

f) Give up before attaining success: Social media campaigns are ongoing processes, not very short term campaigns. Some companies try social media in small amounts then claim no or little ROI. Because of their short term involvement, they barely reach their target audience, not even able to devise correct strategies meeting realistic business goals.