Compound Pharmaceuticals-An Analysis 

Pharmacy is not new to us; man has been taking its help right from the time he discovered illnesses. Initially it was herbs, oils and barks from the plants and animals used for treatment later chemicals took their place. However, the basic roots of pharmacy are still the same. The main aim of pharmacy is to produce and dispense medicines for the good health of mankind. Some medicines in their original form may lead to negative results and so compounding was blended with pharmacy. Compounding has many different goals. In this article, you will come to know about Compounding Pharmacy and its different goals.

Compounding Pharmacy is mixing of two or more drugs or removal of a particular compound to get the desired result. The drugs mixed may be physically or chemically different. They are mixed to get a new form of drug. Sometimes, the mixture may be to enhance the effect or drug or to reduce it. Mixing of drugs or changing its form is done by a legally trained pharmacist or physician. Compounding cannot be done by anyone as it has to be legally certified before the medicine if tried on any human being.Visit our website Compound Pharmaceuticals.

Compounding Pharmacy has many different goals for different purposes. Sometimes, the physical state of form of the medicine is changed. A solid pill can be turned into liquid syrup. Sometimes, patients are allergic to a particular compound in the medicine so compounding allows only that particular compound to be removed if it does not change the medicine completely. Favourite flavours can also be added to the medicine if required. This is usually done for doses that have to be given to kids. This way, compounding medicines have created better medicines. The history of compounding can be found even during the Stone Age period and till now it is being continued with better methods and different tablets.