Costa Rica Environment- Plan A Costa Rica National Parks Vacation Trip

Conservationists love to visit places like Costa Rica which is known for extensive forested national parks. And about volunteering services in such regions, it is a nice idea to conserve the natural resources and one may also get the chance to explore natural vegetation of the place.If we talk about Costa Rica, it is estimated that about 25 percent of total area is devoted to the conservation of flora and fauna in this place. The fact is the place is known for low crime rates along with a good attitude towards the environmental sustainability. This is the reason why most of people opt for the Costa Rica volunteering services.Click here to enable the notifications forĀ best natural areas to see in Costa Rica.

Let’s know more about the environment & wildlife volunteering projects through this article.

-Network of caves

Fantastic network of underground caverns and caves are main attraction of the place. Other than this, there are around 42 more caves than can be explored within the project. A vast number of tropical forests with different wildlife are known to offer home for animals like capuchin monkeys, coatis, peccaries, small cats and various other reptiles and bird types.

-Human population growth

Loss of natural habitats as well as human population growth is two threats known to this area. And thus it requires a lot of work to be dealt to ensure the maintenance of natural heritage of the place. Moreover, a variety of projects are there to support animal life of the place. Rehabilitating or rescuing tropical birds, checking the sea turtles habits, preserving the rainforest-dwelling rodents’ population and much more are counted among the projects. What volunteers do? They contribute to the projects by caring and feeding for the animals, updating & cleaning facilities, research efforts and much more.


Considering age, one should be of at least 18 years to participate in the services. Exceptions to age requirements may be done as per the case or projects. More about the features of volunteers, they are required to be flexible, hardworking and dedicated as well to take interest in the activities assigned to them on daily basis.Volunteers have an essential role to play in Costa Rica volunteering services. In spite of progressive approach towards conservation, the areas still need great efforts and care to maintain the ecological beauty of the place. Full time staff based services are required and thus a dedicated team of volunteers enable to work on different research initiatives.