Dental And Oral Care Tips For People With Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that causes an increase in blood sugar levels in the body. It can have an immensely negative impact on a person’s over all health if not properly regulated and managed. People with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing dental or periodontal problems due high levels of glucose in their bodies. High glucose levels compromises the function and efficacy of the white blood cells, making the body more vulnerable to infections. It is of critical importance for diabetic patients to keep a track of their oral health and consult with a reputed and experienced family dentist Albuquerque 87107 at the slightest discomfort and before a situation gets out of hand.

Important tips to better navigate dental issues for diabetics

-Maintain healthy levels of blood sugar as much as possible.

-Keep your dentist well informed about your sugar levels. Remember to test yourself before every visit. Also inform him or her about your HgA1C level, hypoglycemic episodes if they have occurred and the dosage of your medication or insulin. Visit our website to get free information about tips for better dental health with diabetes

-It is best to establish a working equation between your dentist and your diabetes doctor. The latter can brief your dentist about your medical history, overall condition and other unique specifications that you may overlook but may be important for your dental or periodontal treatments or procedures.

-Make sure that your dentist has your diabetes doctor’s name, number and address in case of emergencies during surgeries or procedures for fixing dental or gum issues.

-Take all your prescriptions and other medical details when you pay your dentist a visit. He or she may have to prescribe medication, that does not interfere with your diabetic medication if they feel the need. For example, antibiotics have to be prescribed for an infection requiring the adjustment of your insulin dosage if you take it.

-Special care and attention has to be given to children with diabetes. They may require braces or other dental aids and while they are quite safe, the dentist has to be informed immediately in case of bleeding or any other form of discomfort. Diabetic patient because of their compromised white blood cells take longer to heal and get over infections. Have patience and follow a strict oral health care regime to minimize the risk of developing gum diseases, BMS and dry mouth.