Importance of Hiring Protek Plumbing and Drain Specialists

Most people do not want to have clogged storm water drain pipes because it’s a huge hassle if they have to clean and fix it by themselves. Indeed, if you are not comfortable with what you’re doing, and you do not have the right knowledge to fix it, the best option is to dial the number of your favorite plumber. They can fix it for you immediately. Calling a plumber can be costly but can make your plumbing concerns disappear immediately. However, if you are one of those who are confident enough to take the challenge and are not afraid to get dirty, unblocking a storm water drain can be easy.Do you want to learn more? Visit Protek Plumbing and Drain Specialists.


It is best to know the possible causes why your storm water drain has blockage. You need to assess the gravity of blockage. It may be caused by leaves, tree roots, dirt buildup, collapsed pipe and more. Unblocking the storm water drain is essential to have a pipeline that is functioning well and free from debris which cause blockages.

For cracks you can apply plaster to restructure the pipe. Hand rods are often used to locate the position of a blockage in a drain. This will not repair the drain itself but can help unblock the drain. Rods can be used to push the debris or to unhook dirt clinging on the side of the pipe lining. A high pressure water jetter is specifically designed to blast away debris that causes the blockage in your drain pipes. With the high pressure water gushing through your pipes, it allows you to flush away sediments thus water can flow freely.

Another way to unblock a storm water drain is by using a plumbing electric eel which chews the debris blocking the pipe. The strong blades propel into the blocked pipe to remove the obstruction. It really depends on how much damage there is. To avoid this kind of incident we need to check our pipes regularly and to make sure that wastes are disposed of appropriately. If all methods have been exhausted and the issue persists, calling for professional help is always a good move. It would be more expensive if the damage gets bigger.

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Many things can go wrong with plumbing in the home or apartment. Knowing which professional to call will save the homeowner or renter both time and money. Should a drain cleaning rooter service be called, or is a fully licensed and bonded plumber required? Can the neighborhood handyman clear up the problem or could the homeowner even do it themselves?

The first concern should always be safety and following the law. If construction or severe weather has damaged any water mains, wastewater lines, natural gas pipes, or power lines you should call 911 to prevent further property damage and personal injury. Other utility conduits, such as cable television lines, do not require calling 911-in these cases consult a utility bill or the telephone book for the telephone number to call.