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Tree Planting Tips

Tree Planting Tips For Your Trees, Plants and Shrubs

There are certain things that should be observed before any tree is planted. It is well-known that foresight is much preferred to hindsight, so one does well when they take a little extra time to carefully consider any major changes. One might not consider planting a tree a major change, yet it is an investment with long-term benefits, and it most certainly will change the landscape and environment. The environmental benefits won’t be discussed in this article, but suffice it to say, in a nutshell, that trees supply oxygen, while removing carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air. Trees also benefit both the economy (wood, wood products, medicines, etc.), and wildlife (providing food and shelter).click here

Thinking forward, carefully consider the property where you intend to plant. What kind of tree are you considering planting, and what goals are you endeavoring to accomplish? Whatever tree or trees that you purchase from a nursery or nurseries, be sure to take into consideration the geographical zone and soil that you plan to plant in. For example, if you plant a tree in a region that has bitter cold winters, and it is a tree that only thrives in warmer climates, great will be your disappointment when the tree dies with the first winter it is exposed to.

Planting a tree where there is dense shade when the tree requires full sun will also lead to great disappointments. Soil type must be taken into consideration also. It is very important to find out the ideal growing requirements for a tree, and the acceptable geographical regions that the tree will adapt to or thrive in. A reliable nursery or nurseries will be supply this information to you when you read the information on their website, or contact them by telephone or email.

Make sure you know the height the tree has the potential to reach, as well as the spread of its canopy. The root system must also be known. If you intend to plant it in a location permanently, with no plans to transplant it, make sure it can grow unhindered by other trees, overhead power lines or other obstructions, or block driveways, walkways, gates, etc. The root system must also be understood. If the tree is known to have roots that grow near or above ground surface, it may interfere in maintenance such as grass mowing, or it may choke out the roots of neighboring trees or take nutrients from them. The location of underground cables, telephone and power lines must be known, in order to avoid damage. Sewer lines, septic tanks and their draining lines, wells etc. must all be protected from any root system that would ruin them.

Remember that nurseries sell to great numbers. Please don’t assume that a nursery should have known by the shipping location whether the tree you purchased would thrive there or not, since countless times people buy a tree and send it on as a gift. Communicate clearly beforehand with the staff at a nursery to avoid disappointment, so that you can enjoy your purchase for years to come