Tips For Using Coconut Flour

Are you interested in substitute ingredients for your cooking and baking projects? Many cooks are looking into alternative ingredients these days and many times with very good reasons. Sometimes choosing a substitute is simply a matter of using what you have in your kitchen but in other cases substitution is done for health reasons. Do you want to learn more? Visit Coconut Flour. We’ll look at some reasons to use alternative ingredients and a few of these which you might like to consider for your kitchen.

One of the top ingredients in a great many recipes is flour. Unfortunately wheat and other grains are responsible for a great many health problems that Americans suffer from today. There are other factors of course but even people who do not have overt signs of Celiac disease or IBS can benefit from eliminating grains from their diet. Sometimes pseudo-grains like buckwheat are well tolerated but for other people it is necessary to complete drop grain consumption altogether and alternatives like coconut flour can work better.

Some substitutes are not that easy to cook with but recipes that call for coconut flour are typically quite simply and work well. You probably will need to use more eggs than you are accustomed to using when you bake with coconut flour but that just adds more healthy protein and fat to your meal as long as you are using high quality eggs.

Coconut flour can be used as a wheat flour substitute in a number of recipes such those for pancakes, biscuits and cakes. If you would like to eat a healthier diet it is probably better to focus on high quality nutrition from meats like beef and lamb as well as fruits and vegetables but it can be nice to have some baked goods and coconut flour can help you enjoy them with fewer negative after effects.

Another important ingredient to substitute in many recipes is vegetable oil. Despite what has become the conventional wisdom stating that polyunsaturated fats are healthier for you than saturated fats it seems that our ancestors used a better diet template.

Many healthy cultures have used fats like coconut oil and lard with more success in the health arena than Americans seem to be having with our high consumption of fats from soy, corn and canola. The good news is that it is super easy to substitute good fats like coconut oil for the lousy alternatives. You can typically use the same amount of oil the recipe calls for but you may want to experiment a bit if you are not completely happy with the results. Just try using a little less or a bit more depending on your tastes and you should be able to get some good results after a couple tests.

Another type of alternative you can use in recipes like pumpkin pie is an evaporated milk substitute [] such as unsweetened coconut cream or coconut milk. If you haven’t noticed yet coconut is actually a very helpful food source for people who have trouble with both dairy and wheat or other grains!